Saturday, December 5, 2009

Triplets and a Mermaid

Here's the latest craftiness from the Ater house. First, are the triplets made for my littlest nieces (and Z). Z named them Elephant-Daisy, Butter Bean, and Ladybug. Then, we have Melody Mermaid made (this morning) for my other niece Melody. Z wants her cousins not to worry, she has been taking very good care of the babies since they were "born." They have slept at the end of her bed, all tucked in, and have been given lots of love. I'm sure Melody Mermaid will enjoy a few tea parties with Ariel (our resident mermaid) before she goes to her new home at Christmas. Lesson of the day: Girliness is not is innate behavior.
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Snow! What a FANTASTIC winter day! The entire atmosphere was charged with excitement. Kids were let out of school early to enjoy the winter wonderland (at least a South Texas version of it). One couldn't help but smile as one elementary schooler after another walked to the front office, looked out the window and exclaimed in the most excited of voices, "It's SNOWING!" They would then proceed to leave the building scoop up a mound of the soft snow, pack it into a ball, and pelt whoever (and I mean whoever...kid they didn't know, someone elses mom, etc) was closest. For so many of them this was their first time to see snow. For a lot of adults that have always lived in this area, this was a rare see a snowfall like that with big fluffy flakes that stick to everything.

My kids had a blast! They had a snowball fight with our neighbors. They tasted the snow. They made snow angels. They even built tiny snowmen until the snowmen were taken apart to use as large snowballs. They hated to come inside even though they were both soaked to the bone and shivering. Of course they warmed up quick with a mug of hot cocoa complete with marshmellows. What a great day!

It wasn't long before the snow started to melt, but J was able to gather a few more snowballs this morning to put in the freezer...a fun reminder of such a wonderful and rare Christmas treat!

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