Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Well, I guess a three year break is enough!

I don't know why I took a break from blogging, but I've decided to revive the PotAter Patch.  The tater tots might have a few things to say from time to time as well, especially one very crafty girl who needs an outlet.

In the last three years, the hubs and I have crossed over into our 40's.  Wow, I know!  It doesn't seem possible, but we are here.  The J-man has outgrown his mama, has become a teenager, and has finished all 3 years in Jr. High.  My very creative Ladybug is about to hit the double digits and has decided she wants to be a movie director when she grows up.  They are great kids.  I know I'm biased but they really are.

A lot has happened during my 3 year absence, and we've learned a lot of lessons.  Hopefully, I can get you caught up, share some lessons learned, and add some new adventures to the non stop crazy of our little family of four.  So as I said in my very first blog post:  Welcome (back) to my patch!

Then (2012)

In the Middle (end of 2014)

Now (2016) @ Star Wars Premier
Lesson of the Day:  3 years zips right by.