Monday, May 28, 2012

Here's what going on in the Potater Patch...

We've been oober busy in the patch with the end of school quickly approaching.  My principal actually asked me if I ever leave the other day.  She and I keep running into each other at after school functions like the Sock Hop, GT/Challenge Architecture Night, 4th Grade Art Show, etc).  Anyway, it's been crazy and we have one week more of it.  So before it starts, I thought I'd post a few picture of the last 10 days.

First, J-man totally blew us away!  I'm so proud of him.  I got a notice the other day that he'd be on announcement for an AR prize.  (AR is a reading program where you read books and then take a computerized test over them for points). I had not idea what prize.  Neither did he until that morning.  I was totally wowed when he won 1st place in 4th grade for the highest number of points.  He had a ridiculous amount thanks to Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, and his fantastic memory.
End of Unit:  GT Architecture Night.  They could roam around the gym and build to their hearts content.  Pictured  L to R is one of my students, J-man, Alan, and one of J-man's best buds.
The completed bridge.
Little sisters even got to join in on the fun.
They call themselves The Three Amigos and yes, they even have the greeting down...don't ask me where they learned that.
The 4th Grade Art Show is a big deal at our school.  Our art teacher works with them from the beginning of the year to prepare the art pieces.  This is J's self portrait.  He's trying to make the same face. :)
This is J's favorite, his ceramic guitar.
J's mosaic piece called The Storm.  He also made an amazing mission picture that I'm going to frame.  It's amazing...can't believe I didn't get a picture.
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Dream Home

I'm not one that wants a huge house or something incredibly fancy but I would love a craftsman style home.  I found some link this morning and fell in love with this one.  Simple...that's what I like.  The only thing I think I would do is paint the door red.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Only 2 1/2 days of school left and 1 workday.  I have survived the year, a feat I didn't think possible 9 months ago.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

I found something like this on pinterest (the bank of great ideas) and thought it was brilliant.  As a mom and a teacher, I'm all about a cheap useful gift.  So, as usual, I took it and recreated it with a potater patch flare.  For under 20 dollars, I have a gift for all 3 teachers (J has two) for every day of the week and it's something a teacher would actually like.  I am going to change is the MINT tag.  It sounds kind-of weird.  I'm going to make it say, "I was MINT to have you as my teacher!" or "You were MINT to teach!" But that is for another day. 
Hope you're having a great weekend! 

Lesson of the day:  BEWARE:  Pinterest is really a time machine.  In just a blink of an eye, hours can pass.  "Pin" with caution!!! 
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