Monday, November 22, 2010

10 hours later...

Aren't they fantastic?!?
I saw a set similar set online for $200.
I was like, "Holy Moley! $200 Bucks!!! I can make those!"
So 7-10 hours later (spent over a few days) and wha-la
a very Becca-ized version of the Nativity.
Don't you love them?
I think I'll miss them when they go to their new home.
Lesson of the Day: I now know why she was charging $200.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Faster than a speeding bullet.
More powerful than a locomotive.
Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Look! Up in the sky!
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...


FYI: J's teacher is a collector of all things Superman.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The last few days, I have been in serious paint mode. So serious, that I've given up getting the paint out from under my fingernails and my back hurts from hunching over; BUT I am one step closer to finishing all my Christmas gifts. My sweet Holy Family is just one example of what I've been working on. All in all, I think I've painted about 17 little people from Baby Jesus to Disney Princesses, to random movie characters. Some will be turned into ornaments, others necklaces, and some will just stay toys. I also had to repaint Z's Snow White (who decided to take a swim in the washer followed by a nice trip to the sauna in the dryer.) I have only a handful more to paint (unless I get ambitious about one project in particular) and then Rebecca's Temporary Art Studio (the kitchen table) closes down for the season. So if you'd like anything in particular...let me know fast. Lesson of the Day: Homemade Christmas' are the greatest.
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Pumpkin carving....

I'm a little late posting these pictures but here's our adventures carving a pumpkin this Halloween. J loved it and Z was completely grossed out. Not only was it slimy but also stinky.

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Just sittin' on the picnic table playing...

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Wouldn't you know....

I found the perfect pair of jeans, finally, at a Gap Outlet (after my ranting the other day).  I was so super excited!!!  They hit in just the right spot below the belly button, are wider through the legs, don't have distressing, and still look cool. There was only one pair in my size, in the color I wanted so I went online to find another. Wouldn't you know...they don't make them anymore!!!!!  Lesson of the Day:  Jean shopping still stinks!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Beware of Cryptonite and the Dark Side!

ObiWon (the younger version...and check it out....I created/sewed his costume) and Supergirl had a great time trick-or-treating last night. I've never seen anyone embrace Trick-or-Treating like my little Supergirl. She was incredibly enthusiastic! Even ObiWon, with his intense love of anything that has to do with candy, couldn't compare to Supergirls's unbridled excitement. She bounded to the doors, ObiWon would ring or knock, and I'm sure the entire street could hear her as she said, "Trick-or-Treat!" After they received the candy treat, she would loudly and excitedly say, "Thank you and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" She would run back down the sidewalk to Alan and I exclaiming, "Look, she/he gave me a piece of candy!!!!" The people at the doors would just smile or laugh. Her excitement was definitely contagious. If there was anything scary, her sweet big brother would take over and either haul her bucket up to the house with his (while she stood securely by Alan or me) or make sure she stood back while he took the front position in a protective mode. All in all, we had such fun as a family. Alan and I both so enjoyed watching our kids just be kids. Lesson of the Day: If someone could figure out how to bottle the type of enthusiasm I saw last night, and prescribe it to all of us, we'd all be better off.
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