Saturday, April 21, 2012


I like shirts that only a fan would understand.  
This one ranks right up there with my Lost t-shirt.


Pillow's a little less white and more of a neutral in person.

Almost a month ago, Alan and I finally broke down and bought a new sofa and chair.  We've been pricing, shopping, debating this for months, but since our sofa (that we absolutely love) is finally getting so thread bare the piping is showing through, we decided to take the plunge.  We looked forever because we want our furniture to last a LONG time.  I mean we've had our present sofa and chair for 14 years and I want this next set to last even longer.  I'm also very picky about style.  I like the style I have now and wanted the same (classic, not bulky, no foo-foo, no skirt, well made).  We finally found exactly what we were looking, so we did it...we ordered the furniture.  So in hopefully a week (after a long 30 day wait) our new set will be here.  We went with a cocoa brown sofa and a complimentary lighter brown chair.  One set of pillows will be the same cocoa but the others I decided to go with more fun pattern that can be changed when styles change (pic above).  I had to somehow bring in all the red in my living room and tie in our antique mustard colored chair.   It looks great with the sofa and chair fabric.  I just hope it works when we bring it into the room.  I guess we'll see next week. :)
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