Saturday, July 31, 2010

Coneygirl and her sidekick Dr. Hoot

You never know who you'll find at our house!
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Piranha infested waters and big snakes....Ahhhhhh!

Crawling through Piranha infested waters.
Crazy picture in front of the "Finding Nemo" fish tank.
"That's a big snake!"

Pink Birds
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Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh, My!

This week, J, Z, Lyndee (my niece), and I took a field trip to the zoo. Although I thought we were either going to melt right there on the concrete or die of a heat stroke, we had a great time. It was soooooo hot! Pretty much everyone at the zoo had a completely wet backside from sweat and seemed to be searching for the same thing: the misting fans! Regardless of the heat, we had a fun day! Highlights were the new baby elephant, the robotic dinosaur exhibit, and for Z, the Flamingos (anything pink). I loved watching the kids checking out the animals. Lesson of the day: I will be purchasing a Garmin before the next trip downtown (the trip home was interesting :)!
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Down in the Dumps Day

Okay, I really bored.  (Mom, I know you probably have tons of stuff I can do so I won't be least you always did when I was a kid, and that saying "I'm bored" is borderline cursing.)  Believe me, I've got plenty of stuff I need to do (my house needs to be cleaned, the guest bedroom has a huge pile of hand-me-downs I need to go through, I've got a ton of AWANA junk I need to deal with, I need to get the printer fixed so I can print Z's thank you cards, just to name a few), I just don't feel like doing anything...which means...boredom in my world.   I just feel like moping around.  I think it's that we've been so busy all year, especially the first month of summer, that I'm having the post excitement let down.  Or maybe it's that I've been thinking a lot about how fast life is moving and sometimes I feel like I'm left on the bench watching it spin around and I want to slow it down but can't.  Where did the last five years go?  Why does stress seem to make the years fly by faster and when it subsides you feel like you've missed something?  What a funk I've been in!!!  I just need to get over it!  Lesson of the day:  "Be still and know that I am God!"  Need I say more...