Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010


J, Z, and I were watching a little TV the other day when a Splenda commercial came on.  I didn't think much of it until J said, "Mom, what IS Splenda?"  I was about to answer with something like it's kind-of like sugar when Z gave J this incredulous look (kind-of like "duh, J, what's wrong with you that you don't know") and then said very dramatically and clear as a bell, "Splenda is America's favorite no calorie sweetener."  J and I, with our jaws dropped, looked at her and I spoke for both of us when I said, "What!?! How on earth did you know that?"  Again with the "duh" look, "Well, dats what the commercial says." Oh, my!  Lesson of the Day:  If you want to sell something....just talk to Z, the walking commercial.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Her face tells the story

I just love to watch Z when she tells me a story. She's so expressive with her face. This was her telling me about a new Beauty and the Beast toy that she had just seen a commerical about. She was very excited about it.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

First day of Fours

Z's first day of "Fours" Preschool was this past Tuesday. She was so excited to start school. Her teachers. One was J 4 year preschool teacher and we LOVED her. The other is a friend of mine so we couldn't be happier with her teachers. She had a great first week and I'm amazed at the difference between this year and last. Z has grown so much and is able to communicate so much better this year. I got full reports on every detail and a full explanation of what they had learned. Z will be more than ready for kinder next year (sniff...sniff). Funny story, yesterday, J and I were practicing his spelling words at dinner and Z decided to participate. She made J and I laugh so much. She would either try to spell the word (which was pretty impressive) or she would watch J and as he was saying the letters, she would say them really quick to act like she knew what they were. So every time J got them right I would say, "Good Job, J and Z." That would make J roar with laughter and Z beam. Such nuts...I figure its nothing but good for her. Lesson for the Day: Soak up even the littlest moments.
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What's with some parents?!?

Okay, I just needed on open forum to vent (so I don't drive Alan crazy).  What's with these parents that let their kids run the show!!!  "Oh, we don't go to Sunday School, because my kids don't want to go."  "We don't go to church on Sunday morning because my kids throw a fit."  "Well, if my daughter doesn't love working with 4 year olds (as oppose to 3 year olds) we're both going to quit serving."  Obviously the last one is the one that most recently just ticked me off. 

What's with this weak parenting?  What are they teaching their children?  God put us in charge not kids!  Thanks, Mom, for making us go to church even when we didn't want to (and piano lessons, clarinet lessons, and the multitude of other place I didn't want to go).  Thanks for not letting me grow up thinking its okay to quit just because it's not my favorite thing to do.  We better look out for this next generation because they think they are in charge. Lesson of the Day:  Don't be a wimp parents!!!