Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's the fiary, cowgirl, rock star's birthday!!!

The initial blow.
The power blow.

Today is my sweet baby girl's 4th birthday. Wow, those four years just zipped right by! Z has been such a blessing. I don't think any of us can imagine what life would be without her. She has definitely added a needed element to our family. Z is creative and imaginative. She loves music and dancing. She's insanely smart and super funny. She keeps us on our toes because we never know what to expect from her or who we're going to day, a garden fairy, the next day a cowgirl, and the following day, a rock star. For lunch today, we celebrated with leftover cupcakes and trick candles (hehe)...note the power blow for that one candle that just kept relighting. It was too funny. Lesson of the day: Treasure every moment...because they pass sooooo quickly.
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Big Fairy Party!!!

I absolutely love this's just perfect. Today, we celebrated Z's 4th birthday with the much anticipated fairy birthday party. It was so much fun! This was Z's first friend party, so she was extra excited. Six little girls including Z were transformed into beautiful garden fairies in our "Fairy Changing Room" complete with pink wings (Z's were a special rainbow color), jeweled necklaces, flower rings, and a light dusting of glittery pixie dust. They were sooooo cute waiting for their turn. They then created fairy wands, decorated flower pots, and planted their own flowers. Z chose strawberry cupcakes this year (no surprise since they're pink :), so we served those with fresh strawberries on the side, and pink lemonade. Z loved every minute and I loved it that she loved it! (Oh, by the way...J wanted no part of a pink fairy party. "Yuck" was his opinion. He served his big brother role well by trying to make Z's friends laugh with one silly face after another and then by scaring them all until he got a little lecture about harassing the girls. Much to J's relief, one of the girls brought her big brother, so the two boys secluded themselves in the little man-cave until they heard the word "cake." It's amazing how fast those two reappeared.) Afterwards, our kids even got to have special time with Mammy Sue and Papa Fred, who drove in just for the occasion. This was extra special for Z. All in was great day! I'm so in love with my little girl. I can't believe she'll be 4 years old this week. Lesson of the day: I wish someone could teach me a lesson today in stopping time. The last 4 years just flew by!
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