Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Big #6 Lalaloopsy Party

As I said in my last post, Ladybug's 6th birthday and party was last weekend.  She decided months ago that she wanted a Lalaloopsy party.  You know I love to plan a party and a Lalaloopsy party I knew would be bright, colorful, and fun.   In the end, my sweet girl absolutely loved her party and her friends had a great time too. 

Here's what we did.  First, when the girls came in they decorated a picture frame with big bright buttons and their name.  (This is a tradition at our house.  I always take a picture of their friends at the party, normally with the birthday boy/girl.  Then, my kids type thank you notes that we stick to the back of the picture or add "thank you" text to the front of the picture and send it to the party goers as a thank you card.  So normally one of our crafts is some type of frame.)  Anyway, after that, the girls played a Lalaloopsy version of the game Sorry while we waited for those last few to arrive.  Then, we started the big craft.  All Lalaloopsy girls are sewn out of something in particular (a princess gown, an astronaut's uniform, etc.) and they all have a pet, so what did we do?  Well, we sewed together Lalaloopsy pets.

First, I chose about 7 different simple, Lalaloopsy pets.  I made a pattern, cut them out of felt, and glued simple details with tacky glue.  With a small hole punch, I punched holes all the way around the felt shape.

I found plastic needles at Hobby Lobby and we showed the girls how to do a whip stitch around the outside with yarn, stuffing them with cotton before they finished.  

The girls were THRILLED with their pets, especially since they made them.

Check out the button cookies.

I still can't believe she's six.  She's such a wonderful little girl.  I'm so proud to be her Mommy.
We played pin the eye on Bea Spells a Lot.  I was surprised at
 how much they enjoyed this.
Even Big Brother joined in on the fun, much to the girls' delight.

All in all, it was a great party.  It made the birthday girl's day and that's what mattered most!

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The Big #6 (Before the Party)

The Little Miss had her highly anticipated 6th birthday last weekend!  Here's the pictures of the before party and decorations.  She chose a Lalaloopsy party theme.

Love this picture of my babies.  J-man wrote his sister the sweetest birthday card.
They both look so big in this picture.  Where did the time go?
Meet Sprinkle Spice Cookie, the doll a certain Mommy searched high and wide for.  Z was thrilled.
 Now on to the decorations....
Alan and I decorated the night before the party, after Z went to sleep.  She was so excited when she came down on her birthday to find the entire downstairs "Lalaloopied" with giant flowers hanging from the ceiling, bright pom-pom-button garlands, and birthday banners everywhere (you know how I love to get crafty with the graphics).  Here are some of the pictures.
I debated forever what to do for a cake (see my last post).  Since she was insisting on strawberry cake mix, I made Neapolitan cupcakes.  They had brownie bottoms, strawberry cake tops, and vanilla buttercream icing.  I used pencil toppers on cookie pop sticks as the decorations, which the girls loved because they could take them home.
Pictures of the actual party coming up next...

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Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm going lalaloopsy!!!

I'm in the midst of getting ready for a certain little ladybug's 6th birthday party.  I love to put on a party so I've been living in Lalaloopsy Land for a couple of weeks educating myself on all things Lalaloopsy, gathering ideas, making invitations and decorations, and preparing crafts and games.  Last year's surfer girl party left me with a lot to live up to.   Thankfully we cut our invite list in half.  Last year, we invited 20 little girls and they all showed up with their mommies.  It was quite a yard full (outside party).  This year we only invited 10 making things a little easier, especially since this is a sewing party (Lalaloopsy dolls have a lot to do with sewing). Today, I make "Crumb's Pink Lemonade Sugar Cookies" and finish the decorations.  I just can't seem to nail down the cake.  I guess because rather than one of my usual homemade from scratch cakes, my ladybug wants a box of strawberry mix cupcakes.  Hmmmm, you'd think I'd be thrilled to have it so easy but I keep scouring the Internet trying to find a way yum it up.  Party is tomorrow so I have to get back to work.  Pictures will come.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wrinkled Fingers and Orange Julius Mustaches

Today is the first official day of summer for the whole family.  So what did that mean...hours of backyard swmming and yummy homemade Orange Juliuses.  Let the summer fun begin!!!
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