Monday, January 25, 2010

Glass of wine and I'm feeling fine

I just love (sarcastic) allergies. My headache started yesterday evening, continued through the night, and has been persistent throughout the day today. Yes, I could close the windows and seal out whatever it is that is causing my head to feel like it's going to explode but I can't resist letting in that fresh clean air. I just love how it makes my house smell (allergy alert). It puts a spring in my step. Anyway, in an effort to dull the pain I've tried various pain relievers: Caffeine (no go), Walmart Tylenol (no go), Ibuprofen (somewhat), glass of wine with a shot of Mountain Dew (presto)...not so yummy (wine is old and mixed with MD is an interesting combo) but I'm happy to say my head is not longer pounding with every beat of my heart. Lesson of the day: Fresh air is worth the headache. Next time, start with wine. (P.S. Mom, no matter what Alan says I'm not a boozer.)
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