Thursday, December 16, 2010

School Programs

Like I said in an earlier post, we've been running from one Christmas event to another...two parties with friends, two school programs, a dance recital, and a soccer party to name just a few. Tomorrow morning we even have a Jingle Bell Walk before we scoot over to SA to celebrate with Alan's family. Above are pics from the kids' school Christmas programs. They both were chosen for brief speaking parts. We were so proud of them. Love the pic of Z. She was so excited that she could see us. She spent most of the time waving at us from the stage and even made her brother sink in his seat by yelling, "Hi, J!" right as everything got quiet. I also love this picture of J. He's the only one looking and there is something about the way he looks that reminds me of when he was a baby. He's so cute. Lesson of the Day: Most school/ballet programs would be completely unbearable if it weren't for the fact that there is someone on stage that is absolutely adored by their parents. What might be considered by some as a mild form of torture, in a parent's eye, becomes a performance by the most loved artist in the world.
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